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Nico Falquet
Customer Experience

Settled in the Dominican Republic since more than 20 years now, after travelling around all islands in the Caribbean and South America, means DR is a big part of my life.
And this is just not beach, sand and coconut trees… The island Hispaniola has so much to offer in question of culture, art, fauna & flora, archaeology, history, gastronomy, and there is here, such a huge variety of landscapes according to the regions crossed and explored.
Looking for the real thing, authentic Caribbean, truly basic, genuine people, great food, eco adventure lifestyle? Let’s go……
Nothing is more important for me than to know that you are going back home after having had a unique experience and being satisfied.

Jivanny Terrero
Customer Experience

I’ve always worked in the customer service area, specifically in the touristic sector because I love to help our visitors to fall in love with our beautiful country and create unforgettable experience during their stay.
For me, the Hispaniola is one of the most beautiful Island of the Caribbean, here you can find breath-taking landscape, incredible beaches, gorgeous highlands and of course our people, always willing to assist you with a lovely smile.
We have one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, Bahía de las Aguilas, which is my favorite since is one of the purest area of Dominican Republic, with crystal clear water and fine white sand, this amazing beach is located in Pedernales, a perfect location for those looking for pure nature and a place far away from the crowd city.
Definitely you should visit us and enjoy our amazing nature and landscapes!

Darinka Corkovic
Travel Designer

Travel has always fascinated me. After several stays abroad, among others in Canada and Mexico, I found my new home further south in the Dominican Republic.
The Dominican Republic has everything. It is a beautiful country and the fact that I can live locally assures the travelers a higher quality of their holidays.
Are you ready to discover this place? Whether day trips, adventures or just relaxing, we are happy to put together your own individual tour!
We look forward to you!

Angelo Rodriguez
Head of Products

As the son of a Dominican mother and a Swiss father, I had the privilege of growing up in two different cultures, so I can say I know these pretty well.
I have always felt the urge to show off the Dominican Republic away from mass tourism, so I decided to follow that dream. In 2015, that dream came true.
The fact that I can present myself as your Head of Product today is the proof of that. I think with my passion for this country and the knowledge that I have, I am the right one to make your vacations in the Dominican Republic unforgettable.