Day trip from Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo´s Natural Treasures

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Within the city of Santo Domingo, not far from the colonial town, one encounters the national park and cave system “Los Tres Ojos” (the three eyes) with subterranean courses of rivers and dripstone caves. Go down into the caves and enjoy the view of the partially open dripstone caves and the vegetated corals.

Walk through this unusually green surrounding and gaze at the three eyes. The fourth eye can only be reached using a small boat which takes you via an underground river to the cenote. Enjoy the beautiful view on a hidden lake with lush vegetation. Afterwards, you will visit the botanical garden. In an area of 20 hectares a large collection of palm trees, as well as many endemic and exotic plants including a large selection of orchids with a variety of species from all around the island, can be found. The Japanese Zen-garden is one of the highlight of the botanical garden.
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